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David Coleman有一个很好记的中文名字,叫做高民,当地的华人都这样称呼他。


如今三年过去,大选再次临近,Banks也成为了本次大选的关键选区之一,目前在民调中David以微弱的优势领先来自工党的候选人Chris Gambian。


女士们先生们,David Coleman。

David Coleman,Liberal’s candidates for Banks

By Han, Southeast Net Australia

The electorate of Banks has never been represented by any parties other than Labor since its very creation, until sitting Liberal MP David Coleman came along at the election in 2013, breaking this 64-year-long history.

With another election just around the corner, any marginal seat can trigger the change of the entire federal government.

The slogan of this campaign of Liberal goes Jobs & Growth, which fits David, the Chair of the house economic committee, perfectly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. David Coleman

3-year Wrap-up:

What has been the most significant achievement in the electorate of Banks in the past three years?

1. WestConnex

"That involves 3 billion dollars financing of the federal government including the duplication of M5 east tunnel."

"People in my electorate drive to the city get stuck there quite frequently with only 2 lanes currently, which we’re going to duplicate it."

2. Environment

"Over the past three years we’ve done many environmental project along the Georges River in terms of cleaning up different elements of the river, various issues with pollution."

3. Supporting a wide range of community groups

"We are very fortunate to have lots of very active community groups in our area, and we have provided over 600000 dollars in funding for various community groups, including three bridges community groups which is used by a lot of local Chinese people. "


I hope to continue to work with the Chinese Community

At last election, with Hurstville as the part of the electorate of Banks, David had the largest Chinese Community of the entire Australia in his electorate. Needless to point out how important the Chinese Australian voters are to him.

Thanks to the boundary change of the Banks electorate, part of the Hurstville at the other side of the rail link was axed out the Banks.

"it is still large in my electorate, probably about 15% now, which is still very substantial. "

"Chinese Community cares about the future. It’s very impressive seeing them putting emphasizes on art, business, community, etc. I really enjoy working closely with the Chinese Community in recent years. I hope to continue to do so. "


It’s now the best time for the Sino-Australia trade

As David puts it himself, the previous experience in business operating enables him to learn how to get things done in economy sector, as well as knowing the practical reality of employing people and job creating.

"Sometimes in politics, it can be a bit theoretical. Many people in politics haven’t had that business experience."

"I think the economic relation with China is incredibly important, as well as the cultural relation. In 1999, Australia’s trade with New Zealand was larger than China. And here we are. 17 years later, China is by far our largest trade partner. "

1. Real estate policy change

Restricting policy on real estate sector targeting foreign investors in several states including NSW, among which there are stamp duty, foreign capital gain withholding payment.

Chinese investors in particular, by far the biggest foreign buyers of Australian property,?are now concerning about the change.

"I think the changes that we have made have been appropriate and necessary. Every country in the world has provisions for foreign investors particularly in real estate. "

"I don’t think it’s the matter of focusing on a particular nation. The broader question is whether it’s appropriate for a nation to have rule about foreign investment in real estate. The answer is YES."

2. Refugee

"The policy of the coalition government is very clear. We do have a strong humanitarian refugee program in Australia. We accept a very significant number of refugees in Australia in relative to our population. "

"The thing is that we need to ensure our boarders are secure, which is not under the previous government. "

We need to secure our boarder to have an orderly refugee program.

3. Same sex marriage

"Coalition’s policy is very clear. Each Australian should be able to have a say on plebiscite. "

"That’s appropriate because there’s very wide range of views on this issue in the community. Everyone should get a vote on this issue."?

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